Q? Discover the many advantages of working with us

We provide:
– The highest stable print quality on the market of Ukraine;
– Kraft paper from the leading paper mills in Europe – direct delivery;
– Loyalty to the client – by terms of the order, the conditions of work;
– Free design;
– Assistance in organizing the delivery.

Q? Lead time

Approximate terms of order production are 10-12 working days. We recommended when placing an order to clarify the term further.

Q? What the photopolymer flexografic plate is?

Fleksoklishe is elastic printing forms by which the drawing is applied to the paper. These forms are made separately for each paint. Unit of measurement is square meter.

Q? How many colors can be applied on the package?

We can produce a package with print from one to six colors.

Q? What parameters are necessary for the preliminary calculation the cost of circulation?

For the calculation of circulation cost needed:
– The amount of circulation (thousand units.);
– Packet format;
– The number of colors (it is desirable to provide a layout for the evaluation of its complexity);
– Used paper (color, type and density).

Q? What can be deviations from the standard packet sizes?

Deviations from the standard sizes can be within the capabilities offered equipment. There is a large selection of equipment formation width and depth of the package, as well as a set of rollers to create packages of different heights.
It is impossible to make the package in which the width and depth are the same.

Q? What package format can be ordered?

The equipment allows making the packet format of the three parameters – width, depth and height.

Q? What types of paper bags are? And how do they differ?

We produce two forms of packages: flat bags with sealed bottom (such as “sachets”) and bags with square bottom.
Packages with the bottom can be made with handles, with a window and two or three layers of paper.
Packages “sachets” can be with a clear longitudinal window and they may have different forms (package corner, without side folds the package, the package with the folds).

Q? What is the minimum circulation of packages?

The minimum circulation of packages for production is 10 000.

Q? What kind of paper is used for the production of paper bags?

For packages we use high quality kraft paper.
For the packing of bulk products are used kraft paper white or brown, density from 70 to 100 g/m2.
For packaging containing fat or moist products are used paper with lamination or parchment (parchment) a density of 40 g/m2.
For bakery products suitable density of paper are from 30 to 50 g/m2, white or brown.
Take-out package is made of kraft paper density of 50-110 g/m2.

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