For flour

Paper bags that we produce are ideal for automatic packaging lines. Printing can be applied both flexographic and offset.

Here are extra embodiments of manufacturing:

  • – Two layers of paper
  • – Demonstration window
  • – Handles

The table below lists the most frequently used package formats. The format could be changed, if necessary.

Range: Package Dimensions, (a x b x c), mm
Bag 0,5 kg 90x60x240
Bag 1 kg 110x60x270
Bag 2 kg 130x80x310
Bag 2 kg 140x85x290
Bag 3 kg 150x90x360
Bag 5 kg 180x100x440
Bag 5 kg 190x110x395
Bag 10 kg (two layers of paper) 230x130x520


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