A package with a clear window, lamination and a foil

Paper bag with laminated coating can withstand a lot of thawing / freezing cycles, have moisture- and grease resistant properties, it looks bright and is not used up when packaged products are moved.
It can be used for packing:
– Frozen convenience foods;
– Tea and coffee (possibly wrapping the package by soldering);
– Pet food.

Also, the paper may be covered by metalized film (foil) for heat-resistant properties.

Paper bag with clear window provides an opportunity to demonstrate to customers the products.
It is used for the packing of bulk products such as cereals, sugar, flour, cereal and muesli, pasta, nuts, biscuits, sweets and pastries, tea and coffee, souvenirs and gifts.
The window can be of any shape. Paper bag with window can be coated with a laminate layer on one or both sides.
A paper bag with a longitudinal window used for the packaging of bakery products, in such a package the buyer sees a product completely.